Richard Hunt

Over Wisdom Bridge, 1986

American, 1935

Sculptor Richard Hunt used the same natural, organic forms in this large-scale lithograph as are found in his works of welded metal. However, his print work provided an opportunity to use these shapes in a two-dimensional way rather than a spatial way, thus freeing the forms from gravity and allowing them to float around the page. Additionally, in his prints he was free to experiment with a greater variety of color than in his sculpture work, where his customary palette is composed of the colors of metals, bronze and stainless steel. Hunt worked with printer Will Peterson at the now-extinct Plucked Chicken Press in Evanston, Illinois, to produce this print.

Regarded as a leading American sculptor with international status, Hunt has demonstrated his deep affection for his native city through significant contributions to Chicago’s art history with his work as a teacher, a model to generations of apprentices that he has trained and through the more than 52 public works on exhibit in the area. He is responsible for 124 works of public sculpture world-wide.

College Purchase, 2007