Paul LaMantia

Hell Hath No Fury, 1969

American, 1938

This hallucinatory cityscape is inhabited by a comically disturbing mix of sinister creatures. A bird or bug-like being with multiple heads shares the stage atop a glass floor with a human/non-human creature sporting a horned helmet, a lizard type animal and other varmints. The artist insists that although these nightmarish inventions are not of the real world, they are in fact about the real world.

Garish color, strong black outlines and a composition that fits the tradition of horror vacuii (fear of open space) characterize this drawing. A variety of media were utilized to execute the work—including marker, oil pastel, chalk and collage.

Paul LaMantia, who is often associated with the Imagists, has works in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and The Collection of Jean Dubuffet, Paris, France.

Gift of the artist, 2011