Lorri Gunn

What’s Her Angle?, 2003

American, 1942

The title of this jivey, jazzy cartoonish figure, constructed of multiple shapes with sharp angles, ironically asks us to consider “What’s Her Angle?” Employing both visual humor and verbal puns, Lorri Gunn fashions the eyes, nose, arms and breasts from razor-edged forms that she surrounds with a pattern of undulating wave-like shapes. The drawing’s bright color, strong use of pattern, two-dimensional design and precise craftsmanship all proclaim this drawing to be in the spirit of the Chicago Imagists.

A leader in the feminist art movement in Chicago, Gunn was an officer and exhibiting member of Artemesia, an important women’s cooperative gallery established in the 1970s. She is part of a family of artists, including husband Karl Wirsum (also featured in the Elmhurst College Art Collection) and son Zack Wirsum. What’s Her Angle? was exhibited in Gunn’s 2004 show at Elmhurst College and is one of a series of large Prismacolor pencil portraits.

College Purchase, 2004