Eric Garcia

Unique Print from the Tamale Man Series, 2009

American, 1977

Garcia’s art is about history, culture and politics—with a goal of developing a dialogue about the issues that effect history and identity. He describes his work as a “visual examination of versions of North American history that have been overlooked, whitewashed or flat-out deleted.”

A childhood love of comic books and a later discovery of Spanish Colonial and Baroque art have informed his style. This unlikely fusion is what Garcia calls his “comic baroque.”

Garcia’s work includes political cartoons and posters—both traditional forms of political protest—as well as paintings and installations. The super hero Tamale Man, pictured in this poster, is a central figure in Garcia’s lexicon of satirical characters.

Born in New Mexico, Garcia came to Chicago to study at the School of the Art Institute. He received his MFA in 2009, the same year The Chicago Artists Coalition identified him as a “CAC Chicago Artist to Watch.” In 2009 Elmhurst College presented Garcia’s work in a two-person exhibition with Alvaro Ramirez

Gift of John Pitman Weber, 2010